If you are reading this, that means you are too lazy to find my first blog post and am wondering what the heck is going on here. I don’t blame you, as I can be quite lazy myself.

If you’re wondering anything about this blog, here are the basics.


Who: A 20-year-old, intellectually curious college student (at the beginning, no telling how old I am when you’re reading this…so 20-years-old in Summer 2013)

What: Creating a literary blog based on a list of 40 books to read during my twenties, I will read 4 books per year until I am 30 and write a blog post about every book that I read

Where: All over! I start as a college student, moving between living at home on breaks and at school, traveling all over the world, living on my own (this is hypothetical…I am currently a college student — disclaimer 2013).

When: From my ages 20-29, roughly 2013-2022

Why: Really…who knows. In all seriousness I’m starting this because I need a project, I need something to do when I have nothing else to do. I have always loved reading and am looking for an excuse to read all the books I wanted to read and all the books other people want me to read.

How: Diligence, courage, strength, stamina, ability to read, ability to type, internet access, access to books, love for books etc.


Any more questions? Do not be afraid to ask! If anyone ever asks me a question I will answer and maybe even make a FAQ page!



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